JP Timer

Septic Tank Timer | by Ace Sanitation
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1.Solid state construction- means there are no moving parts to wear out so the timer is more reliable and durable than any other.
2.Built in settings-the timer is preset for 30 minutes "on" and 30 minutes "off". No clocks to reset. No pins or clips to fool with.
3. Completely sealed, water resistant NEMA rated enclosure-to withstand the harsh septic environment.
4. Manual over-ride-for easy testing of the system and related components.
5. Internally fused-for added protection of the timer and motor.
6.Plug-in installation-no hard wiring makes installation a breeze.
7- Month Warranty

120 V.
15 A.
 4.53 x 3.54 x 2.17 in.

“Solid State Construction, Built in Settings, Completely sealed”
                   Manual over-ride   Internally Fused    Plug-in Installation    6 Month Warranty