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A Guide To Your Options When You Discover An Old, Unused And
Unknown Septic Tank On Your Property.

If you know that it is an old septic tank on your property that you know very little about, it is important for you to be aware that you need to proceed carefully when arranging for septic tank services under those special circumstances. Therefore, it will be a good idea to consider the following information if you have questions about pumping and removing the old septic tank when the situation for doing so is atypical.

Understanding The Risks Of The Old, Unknown Septic Tank On Your Property

Over the years, there have been many homeowners who discovered an old, abandoned septic tank on their property that they knew very little about. While it may be tempting to just call a septic tank expert and have it pumped, then removed, doing so is not always a good idea. Old septic tanks can be fragile and some very old and abandoned units, many of which featured cesspools as part of their construction, can increase the possibility of a sinkhole forming.

When organic solid waste enters your septic tank, beneficial bacteria and enzymes go to work breaking down and consuming the solid waste. These microorganisms eventually transform most of the solid waste into a combination of gases and liquids, while leaving indigestible solids to join the bottom of the septic tank as sludge.

Due to the fragility of older septic tanks and since their leaks during pumping can lead to environmental concerns, you should first make sure to have the tank inspected by an expert.

What To Expect During The Expert's Inspection

One common way to examine the condition of an old septic tank is the use of digital photographs from a remote-controlled camera. Those photos will determine the type of septic tank that is present, its condition and whether or not it can be safely removed and pumped. It will also let you know what material it is made of, as that can impact the method with which it will be removed. Alternatively, your septic tank expert may recommend for the tank to be pumped, but left in its original space in the ground so that video cameras, mirrors, and fiber optics can determine more information about the newly cleaned tank.

Once that information has been obtained, your septic tank expert will try to establish a safe, hygienic way to pump and remove the unit from your property. If doing so is not feasible, he or she may suggest taking the necessary steps to legally abandon the unit. Abandoning the unit often requires pumping and cleaning it, before damaging it so that it can longer function and covering it with sand or concrete. It should be pointed out that many cities or counties require permits for doing so and there is frequently a time limit attached to that permit.  

In conclusion, having your septic tank pumped is a common occurrence in many areas and is something that every septic tank will eventually need. Unfortunately, doing so when you cannot be sure of the age of the unit can be challenging. As a result, it is best to consider the information discussed above when making decisions about having your septic tank pumped.

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