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If you have recently installed a septic tank system in your home, you are going to want to take the right measures to keep it clean and clean. This is going to help you avoid major repairs as long as possible while also prolonging the life of your septic tank system. One important way to care for your septic tank system is to avoid chemical cleaners and use vinegar instead. Here are four reasons why:

Doesn't Clean the Good Bacteria: Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, vinegar does not clean the good bacteria that your
septic tank system needs to break down waste. When waste is not able to break down properly, it builds in the tank leading
to possible need for repairs or excessive pumping and professional cleaning. Vinegar is one of the best ways to get rid of the
bad bacteria that causes mold and odor while ensuring that everything else remains to keep
your septic tank  running smoothly.

Keep the Bugs Away: Bugs, such as gnats do not like vinegar. It's too strong for them to withstand, so it keeps them away
from buzzing around your kitchen sink and bathroom. This way, you don't have to resort to using dangerous bug sprays that can
also cause damage to  the septic tank if they make their way into the drain. Keeping the bugs away from the drains also ensures
that they aren't making their way into your pipes causing other damages, such as blockage.

It's Affordable: Not only is vinegar going to prevent damages to your septic tank, which saves you money on repairs and replacement,
but vinegar is also one of the most affordable cleaning solutions you can buy. Chemical cleaners are much more expensive
to not only purchase, but also because they cause more damage than they prevent, so overall you are getting the most for
your money when you use vinegar. Breaks Up Blockages: Once a month, if you mix together vinegar and hot water and pour
it down the toilet, it's going to help break up blockages. This way, your toilets are easier to flush. If the toilet gets backed up,
it's sure to cause damage that you would otherwise want to avoid. Vinegar is going to help you do this.
When you know some of the reasons to use vinegar, you can see why it's well worth it to toss those harsh chemical cleaners
and invest in this more natural cleaner for your septic tank system. Also, schedule regular septic tank pumping services.

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ACE Sanitation Service, LLC A tradition of excellent customer service for over 60 years Ace Sanitation
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